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With our many years of experience in developing software in a wide variety of industries and application areas, we offer our services and products for specialized, primarily technical applications. Areas of application are e.g.

  • Web programming
  • Mobile apps
  • Health care
  • Net visualisation
  • Geographical interactive maps
  • Geo data
  • Travel maps
  • Travel catalogs

Software for the support of interoperability in health care


Cardio Diagnosis Viewer App

Visualisation of cardiological diagnosis data (e.g. of PADSY) both online and offline (without server connection) on iPAD, iPhone and macOS computer.

Supported diagnosis types: Rest ECG, Stress ECG, Long-term ECG, Long-term blood pressure, Spirometry

Software for the travel business

CL TravelPlanner

CL TravelCatalog

CL LocationFinder

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